Customised T-shirt printing and printing onto all styles of garments is a main part of our business.  Our t-shirt printing service offers you to customise a t-shirt or other garment.  We use different print methods depending on what your requirements are. 

Vinyl print is great for text and numbers, line drawings and shapes, simple and multi layered logos and can be put on a whole range of garments.  Vinyl comes in a wide choice of colours and finishes and is constantly being developed with new products.  In all it gives a great result.

Sublimation printing is mainly used on white polyester garments for full colour images.  Up until recently sublimation garments have been quite heavy material not great for hot days however a new range of products have just come on to the market by a leading brand which are more like light cotton t-shirts.  Using a material called subli-flock, sublimation can also be used on dark garments giving you a much wider choice.

Transfer printing is another option for full colour printing and can be used on light or dark garments.

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